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I’m Raunak – your SEO guy. I have been helping businesses optimize killer content to engage audiences, improve search engine visibility and drive sales.

My exposure to content marketing and SEO came around 5 years ago when I  started at a digital marketing agency as a fresher. From being a content writer and to learning my way to finally becoming an SEO expert, I have worked with hundreds of clients.

In my 4+ years of experience in SEO, I have learned that value is everything. If you can provide value to your reader through your content, that’s killer content right there. I believe that writing natural and readable content is the key to satisfying both search engines and your readers.

Raunak, SEO expert in Toronto

Why content marketing?

Content is King

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Content marketing is the future and content is at the heart of it. And my heart is in SEO and content marketing which helps me generate value and drive sales to your business.

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