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I’m Raunak, a guy who can do both – copywriting and content writing. I have been helping businesses create killer content to engage audience and drive sales.

My exposure to this field came around a couple of years ago. I joined an IT company and worked in the Digital Marketing department as a fresher. I started my journey as a content writer and ended up learning the concepts of SEO and web development. As a team leader, I managed projects for several clients and eventually started my freelance journey.

In my 2+ years of experience in content writing, I have learnt that value is everything. If you can provide value to your audience through your content, that’s a killer content right there. I believe that writing natural and readable content is the key to leave your readers better off than when they started.

Raunak Neupane

Why content writing?

Content is King

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Digital marketing is the future and content is at the heart of it. I write because my heart is in creating content that generates value and drive sales to businesses.

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